Epic Hybrid Training Providence classes are a program designed around the principles of high-intensity skill-based strength, endurance, and agility. The program is enhanced by balance, flexibility and regeneration work to improve overall athleticism.


It is a combination of complimentary workout modalities programmed to increase stamina and overall conditioning. We have taken the best of Running, Traditional Kettlebell work, Suspension training, Calisthenics/Gymnastics, Vinyasa Yoga and Sports Restoration to create a hybrid style of training that is unparalleled.


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EPIC Obstacle Circuit (EOC)

Whether you want to get in shape for your next obstacle race or the best shape of your life, our EOC class is for YOU! Our circuits are constantly varied and designed to replicate obstacles during a race. Each challenge will help you enhance grip strength, power, speed and hand-eye coordination. No matter the level of fitness, non-racer to podium-pro, everyone will get a challenging workout.

The Grynd

The Grynd, one of our most popular and toughest classes, is a total body endurance based workout that will challenge both your mental and physical stamina. Long rounds are paired with heart-pumping movements for an hour of sweat!

The Blast

Our high octane conditioning class! This cardio HIIT class will push you to sprint, jump & crawl, all while developing endurance, agility and speed.

Tone and Power

Working with Kettle Bells helps to develop athletic strength and power while keeping heart rates sky high! In this total-body weight training class you choose the outcome! Opt for lighter weight and more reps for lean, toned look or crank up the weight to put on muscle, shred fat and build all around strength.

Dynamite Core

The most important part of many exercises is utilizing your core for strength and stability. While you do strengthen it in our classes, this class specifically focuses on your core. Laughing, sneezing, and general motion may hurt the next day...in a good way.


Anything goes in our AMRAP workout! This total body burn will keep you on your toes. Movements vary from simple to complex and timing structures change monthly. Don't ask questions. Just come prepared to leave it all out on the mat!

Versaflex (EPIC Yoga)

Versaflex is our way of relieving our bodies of the strain and grind it’s been pushed through, typically used as a restoration day to help heal the body both mentally and physically. This workout incorporates, balance, flexibility, agility, and functional strength.

EPIC Obstacle Training Run

We don’t like to necessarily run in place and stare at a screen while doing so, so we like to utilize our out-of-the-gym space where we conduct our training runs. City sidewalks, streets, hills, trails, backyards or even parking lots, we look to up your cardio game by utilizing our surroundings - no playground or open space is safe with our creativity.

Run Highlights